a cosmic-inspired record cover for a cosmic-inspired DJ.
To create the artwork I dropped diluted ink onto a piece of stretched pure silk, before dropping clusters of rock salt onto the wet fabric and leaving it to dry.
Kareem Ali is an American DJ that holds the comos at the centre of his artistic vision. I wanted to reference this in my record design.
The salt draws out the colour from the silk and mixes the ink in unpredictable ways. The effect is reminiscent of space and using the right colours, allowed me to create a series of "galaxies". 
This picture shows the frame just after I applied the ink and salt. Tilting the the frame whilst it dries  makes the ink run and created more movement within the patterning
and therefore more surprising textures.
Creating rollout for this project was made very easy for me as the artwork did most
of the work. However I wanted the merchandise to contrast the vibrance and
liveliness seen on the record.

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